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Hoza Tanzania Safaris Limited is a travel company that intends to deliver leisure travel excursions to customers. Hoza Tanzania Safaris intends to guide customers in selecting a trip(s) based on pre-defined vacation or learning criteria. This analysis will be based on user profiles, set by the consumers, which includes preferences such as;

  • Budget
  • Activities Sought
  • Destination and Time of Travel



Hoza Tanzania Safaris Limited intends to offer the service and knowledge a discerning leisure traveller seeks whilst on vacation or learning trip, with the intention of seeing and appreciating the numerous sights in the area. Keeping in mind the comforts of a tourist, our fleet shall be very well maintained and deigned as per customer standard and expectations. However not wanting to limit ourselves we intend to be open to special hire by churches, organisations groups,  schools and sports teams, amongst other related groups.

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Competitive Comparison

Existing hotels, lodges and travel agencies may identify the opportunity to diversify into our intended services utilizing their current client database. Naturally, existing clients will be inclined towards utilizing these familiar companies due to the fact that a good relationship may have already been nurtured over the years during their business dealings. This presents a potential challenge to us, as we need to aggressively market our services and expertise in the field.